Based in California, Zulu Health was founded by trusted ASC industry veteran, Ken Bulow.

Why the name Zulu Health? Zulu comes from the time keeping system used in aviation and the military and helps to maintain perfect coordination between thousands of moving parts.

Our team is inspired to incorporate these concepts into customized solutions that generate 100% customer satisfaction.Let Zulu help navigate your Revenue Cycle.

Zulu Health’s Mission

Zulu Health exists to serve our customers and enable them to provide high quality care without concern for the financial aspects of Healthcare. Zulu Health is committed to improve and maintain our customer’s financial health.

Zulu Health’s Values

At the forefront of everything we do lies our integrity. We will always do what’s right for our customers, our employees and our community.

Zulu Health’s product is our Service. At its core, service means that we exist solely to serve our customers. By serving our customers, we grow as individuals, as a company and as a society.